Company Name Global One Inc.
Founded September 28th, 2007
Capital Fund 10,000,000 JYE
Address 【headquarters】
3F Nihombashi TEC Bldg, Chuo ward
Tokyo, JAPAN 101-0013
TEL:+81-(0)3-5614-7370  FAX:+81-(0)3-5641-7227
Representative Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Representative Director
Main Bank Risona Bank, Akihabara branch
Business Summary Software Development
Translating of IT specifications and manuals
Sales Support for SOHO
Printing Business
Equipment Sales related computer, and others
Worker Dispatching Service
Employment Agency Service
Customers Hitachi Solutions Ltd
NEC Nexsolutions, Ltd
NTT Electronics Techno Corporation
Software Research Associates, Inc
License Specified Worker Dispatching Number SP 13-307902
Fee-Charging Employment Placement Businesses Code 13-YU-305620